Our job:
bring people
into your company
thanks to digital technology.

In France, 9 out of 10 people in France are fond
of their local shops
and we love them!

mobile retail application

To consume near
self is a priority for
a lot of citizens.
In spite of that.
harder to attract
new customers
sales representatives

Our society and the way we consume are in constant flux
evolution, and also depends on the environment in which we live,
rural or urban. Yes, sometimes it's hard to follow and you have to be
renew, be differentiating to create preference...

Society changes and its way of consuming also from year to year in
year. That's why the commercial sector needs to innovate, and this
on a consistent basis. The major issue today is the internet.
Local shops have an obligation to go digital if they want to attract customers.
of the world in the store. Social networks, websites, click & collect...
In short, visibility has become crucial and this is not easy for them,
there are many players in the market and little support.

Local shops also have to compete against giants
supermarkets, supermarkets, shopping centres, etc.).
commercial...), and to e-commerce sites with huge budgets.
communication and aggressive promotions...
It's often hard to compete!

How to boost
your local business

neighbourhood store takeover

Let's take an example: you're looking for a blue jacket for the winter. You
decide to go looking for her on a Saturday afternoon in the
city. You enter a first trade, but they don't have a
blue coat. Second business: not your size. Third: there's
I mean, your size, but you don't necessarily like the model. That makes
Already several hours you've been looking for and still nothing! You finish
by sitting in a coffee shop. You decide to opt for the solution of
ease: you search on the internet and find all the jackets sold
on the web. And as you sip your coffee, and without even moving...
from your chair, you buy your product. And best of all:
the delivery is so fast, you get it the very next day!

Does this example speak to you? That's because it's happened to all of us!
It has become easier for individuals to make their purchases
on the internet, especially if you live in a rural area, further away...
shops. Unfortunately, a lot of neighborhood businesses
are suffering more and more from this giant called e-commerce.

Shops tend to empty
(and are sometimes even
facing closure), as well as little by little, the streets,
the neighbourhoods,
downtown... but don't worry, we've found the parade for
meet this demand!
What if consuming locally became as easy as buying
your baguette at the bakery down the road?

How do we
through local shops

lean and simple

convenience store paris

We offer you a local shopping application that you can use to
are gonna love it. The goal: to make the shopping experience easier for
You will find an inventory of photos and products from
everything that's going on around you. Schedules contact number,
how to get there...
You have all the information
of your neighborhood merchants.

Let's take our blue jacket as an example. What if, instead of
search on Google (or other search engine), you were looking for
on the-ring.io? You will be able to find all the signs that
selling blue jackets all around you.
And while you're at
you to have your breakfast, you can plot your route
shopping. No need to go randomly in each shop anymore.
looking for the product!

A blog for your
and your

You don't know what to do this weekend? We'll help you! Our blog
brings to the fore the news of your neighbourhood, its actors and its
, the owner of the to the one in the small
shoe shop in your town.
You may not know it, but
your district and your municipality are very much in the news! If
you want to attend as many events as possible, you'll probably
need a calendar of events...

Our blog tells you about your city and proposes different themes:
News, Streets, Museums, Art galleries,
The 4 Seasons, Monuments,
Where to sleep? , Video tour,
Bars and nightlife,
Architecture, Sport, Gastronomy, Portraits of entrepreneurs,
Parks and gardens
something to sparkle at a family dinner!

As we give more visibility to establishments in the vicinity
of you, we go out every day to meet these retailers and interview
Do you really know that charming gentleman from
the grocery store down the street?
The objective: to offer you
their portrait in our blog. E-commerce, politics, teamwork...
They confide in you on different subjects and tell you about their daily life.
of a shopkeeper.

open store

Our social networks,
a dedicated relay
to shops

digitisation of convenience stores

Networks have become real players in our society.
Today, it is important, even indispensable for
establishments and shops to have accounts on them in order to be
visible to all. Today's generations often expect
information comes to them through the internet. But there are
so many different social applications that it is sometimes complicated
to know which ones to use and what strategy to adopt.

We dedicate our pages and corporate accounts to the local always with
the idea of giving them more visibility. We are present on
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. We publish news there,
in and around the city. With our digital strategy, we have
acquired a certain notoriety on these different networks. Each
seller benefits from all these shares and generates more visibility.
And then, our merchants help us by sharing our news.
to their community.
It's collaborative!

The click & collect,
to boost
your growth

Don't you have time? No problem, you can orde
on the internet. As you may have gathered, our goal is to brin
population at the point of sale. So creating a MarketPlace, this
would be a bit of a tail biter! We propose all the same
a feature that accelerates your purchases: click & collect.

community-based commerce assistance
community-based commerce assistance

You had a crush on a blue coat sold by
one of our shops? It's very simple: you order i
online and pay for it (either on the platform or at the point of sale).
You then choose when you can com
in the store to pick up your purchase.

The advantages of click & collect are multiple: it's already faster
and it saves you waiting in line. It's also a way to
you to discover the business that sells you the product and to
know the retailer. This creates a social link (which you will only have
not had if you had been delivered to your home). Finally, it gives you
the opportunity to manage your schedules and free time by choosing
on what day and at what time you will pick up your purchase.

We do not take any commission on these sales
or any other.

You got it,
our leitmotiv is to
simplify the life of
entrepreneurs and

Simplify your
digital presence

Being self-employed means thinking about countless issues...
and challenges. Study of customer files, digital strategy, suppliers...
often, there aren't enough 24 hours in a day to get you to
do everything. And with the internet, these issues and challenges tend to
to multiply.
Sometimes it's hard to figure it out. That's why their facilitators
life. For two years, the team worked in collaboration with
entrepreneurs to create the simplest and most intuitive platform
possible at their service. Once listed on the-ring.io
(it takes less than five minutes to create an account), you can access
an administration interface that is very easy to use.

trendy convenience store
trendy convenience store

No need to manage
of customer files

Oh no, yet another customer file to manage!
No, don't panic. Once again, we're here to make it easier
the digital experience... That's why customer management
is automated. What does that mean? It means you won't have
need to update your customer file, as this will be done from
automatic way.

retail takeover

Your own website
automatically generated

How about we go a step further and digitize your case?
(Yes, it's possible!) Once we've filled in the information...
and published its photos and/or products, its commercial website
is generated automatically.

market study of local shops

Your all-in-one tool

Thanks to the-ring.io, you have all the keys to the digital world at your fingertips.
And all this on a single tool! You will be able to manage your
marketing directly. Online sales, visibility, digital marketing...
You will be able to manage everything on our platform created for you!
We told you: we make your life EASIER!

convenience store 2015

What are the areas
of activity
on the-ring.io?

All merchants and craftsmen can create an account : boutique
ephemeral, supermarket, bakery, restaurant, department store... The
companies are divided into 12 categories (Fashion, Beauty & Health,
Food, Catering, Leisure, Culture, Home & Deco, Multimedia,
Artisans, Art, Bars, and Vehicles). We gather all the signs and
craftsmen because, whether you sell clothes or beer, in the middle of the
urban or rural, new or old concept, you are confronted to
a lot of similar challenges.

neighbourhood food store

Where are we

open store

The adventure began in the heart of the city of Lille.
But we never wanted to stop there! The objective is to
deploy in France (and internationally) to boost trade
of proximity everywhere. How do you do it? By working with partners
local people who make discover our platform.

Today, the-ring.io is present at :
Lille, Marcq-en-Barœul, Wasquehal, La Bassée, Fromelles,
Chéreng, Fleurbaix, Estaire, Lillers, Marquette-Lez-Lille, Douai,
Nieppe, Compiègne...

See you... everywhere else!

They support us